The SaskPower Field Approval program provides for approval of appliances, equipment and components which are custom-made, one of a kind, built on site or in limited numbers not conducive to certification by designated certification organizations. The program is not intended to circumvent the normal procedure of certification of appliances, equipment and components by designated testing organizations.

The program is used for approval of fuel features of appliances/equipment where fuel features mean components that use a hydrocarbon fuel, handle a hydrocarbon fuel, control combustion or vent combustion products and features of construction and installation that relate to the safe use and handling of a hydrocarbon fuel. In general, this means gas supply piping and valves, the appliance and its venting system.

The SaskPower Field Approval is valid only for the original intended purpose. Any change to the application/equipment as specified on the original application including Btu input change, a fuel switch, etc. would void the approval of the appliance/equipment and would require the submittal of a new Field Approval Application for the altered appliance/equipment.

The approval under this program does not include approval of electrical features of appliances, equipment or components that require approval. It is the responsibility of the owner/vendor to ensure the electrical components meet the requirements of the Canadian Electrical Code.

In Saskatchewan, every natural gas, propane or manufactured gas fuelled appliance that is offered for sale, sold, rented, bought or installed must be approved under the provincial Gas Inspection Act, 1993.

There are two ways that natural, propane or manufactured gas fuelled appliances may be approved:

  1. Certified as complying with an approved standard or test report by a testing agency accredited by the Standards Council of Canada (SCC).
  2. Field Approved by SaskPower.

Modifications may be required as a result of our review. It is not illegal to proceed with installation and testing of an appliance once an application for Field Approval is submitted to SaskPower. However, only after inspection and testing is completed are appliances approved and legal to operate.

The Application for Field Approval of Appliances or Equipment must be submitted to SaskPower along with the required documentation.

A separate application must be submitted for each location at which an appliance, equipment or a component requiring approval is going to be installed. A submission will be reviewed only after receipt of an application.

Documentation must be submitted with the application by email, fax or mail and must include the following:

  • Completed Field Approval Application
  • Valve Train Schematic
  • A ladder style electrical schematic
  • A bill of materials for valves, components and controls including model #, part # and name of manufacturer
  • A sequence of operation

Upon receipt of an application, the submission will be reviewed to make sure that it is complete. If additional information is required, it will be requested from the applicant. Subsequent review will consist of a detailed examination of the appliance’s fuel features and upon its completion, we will invoice the applicant and advise the applicant to get in touch with the local inspector to arrange for appliance inspection and testing.

Site Inspection

The purpose of the site inspection is to verify that:

  • An appliance/equipment is constructed according to the submitted documentation;
  • An appliance/equipment is installed in accordance with the applicable code and the manufacturer’s instructions;
  • The fuel features of an appliance/equipment perform the required functions, are set in accordance with the applicable code/standard, are operating within their certified specifications, use certified or approved components and comply with approved standards/codes; and
  • Appliances, equipment and components comply with approved codes and/or standards.

The inspector will require the owner of the appliance/equipment to perform or cause to be performed tests deemed to be necessary to verify proper operation of the appliance being approved.

It will be necessary for qualified personal to be present during the site inspection and to have the necessary test equipment on hand.

Upon successful completion of site inspection and testing, the inspector will place the SaskPower Field Approval label on or in the immediate vicinity of the appliance rating plate:

If an appliance does not have a rating plate supplied by the manufacturer or if the manufacturer's rating plate does not contain the required information, it will be the applicant's responsibility to supply a rating plate with the required information and to attach this rating plate to the appliance.

The rating plate shall contain the information required in the applicable appliance standard or in the absence of such standard, it shall contain the information specified in Section 11 of the B149.3 Code for Field Approval of Fuel Related Components on Appliances and Equipment. Custom rating plates shall contain a 2” by 2.75” space for the SaskPower field approval label.

Field Approval Costs

Upon successful completion of site examination and testing, the inspector will issue a written confirmation of the appliance approval under this program to the applicant’s representative present on the site.

The fees under this program are:

  • Domestic or special installation — $125/hour plus GST
  • Commercial/Industrial Installation (up to 400,000 BTUH) — $1,000 plus GST
  • Commercial/Industrial Installation (more than 400,000 BTUH to 5,000,000 BTUH) — $1,250 plus GST
  • Commercial/Industrial Installation (Commercial Installation more than 5,000,000 BTUH to 12,500,000 BTUH) — $2,500 plus GST
  • Commercial/Industrial Installations (greater than 12,500,000 BTUH) — see Gas Fee Schedule for pricing
  • Multiple applications — see Gas Fee Schedule for pricing

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